Skidstorm is a racing game focused on drifting mechanics developed jointly by Cheetah Mobile and Immobile Games. It has been released on both Android and iOS. The game's progression follows a system similar to Clash Royale with arenas and unlocks using crates/chests.

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Game Modes Edit

There are multiple game modes which are offered. They are:

  1. Matchmaking (Ranked multiplayer)
  2. Public Lobby
  3. Time trials (Times your speed across any map of your choice, can be used to improve skills or find shortcuts on maps)
  4. Single Rage (Against AI)
  5. Campaign (Series of races against the AI taking place across all in-game maps)
  6. Daily Challenge (A race on a random map with a random car that you may or may not have unlocked against a timer. You must complete the map before the timer ends to get a daily crate.)

Cars Edit

There are a total of 17 cars in the games. Most of the cars are based on real-life cars. Cars are unlocked by leveling up. After leveling up, you must get the parts for that car. You can acquire these parts by buying them with diamonds(premium currency) or unlocked from crates that you get by completing races. The different cars are:

  1. Cruiser
  2. Comet (EG-6)
  3. Renegade
  4. Ninja (Toyota Trueno AE86)
  5. Cheiftan
  6. Hornet
  7. Interceptor
  8. Jackal
  9. Striker
  10. Panther (RX-7, most likely FC)
  11. Quicksilver (R-34 Nissan Skyline GTR)
  12. Sabre
  13. Avenger
  14. Falcon
  15. Scorpion
  16. Centurion
  17. Crossfire

Maps Edit

There are a total of 24 maps, of which, currently 1 is not playable in online mode, and another 4 are reverse of 4 existing maps. They are meant to resemble some fictitious locations of the real world. The maps are...

  1. Beginning Town
  2. Jungle Speedway
  3. Fukui Gardens
  4. Industrial Park
  5. Pipeline
  6. Saint-Laurent
  7. Kajaani GP
  8. Oasis
  9. Outback
  10. Rail Yard
  11. Farm
  12. Aral
  13. Sawmill
  14. Emerald Circuit
  15. Motorsport Park
  16. Seaport
  17. Siberia
  18. Industrial Parl XL
  19. Wetlands
  20. Quarry
  21. Airfield

The maps Beginning Town is currently not playable in online mode.

There are four 4 reverse maps which are slightly different from their original map, which are

  1. Reverse Pipeline
  2. Reverse Outback
  3. Reverse Sawmill
  4. Reverse Seaport

Currently, there are some placeholders for some maps. We expect them to be filled up in the near future.

Clans Edit

These don't do much. They just let you and some people have clan tag in front of your name. It makes you look cool. To join a clan you must make a request to the owner. There is no such thing as "Anybody can join" clans in this game. You can't donate or anything. It costs 100 diamonds (premium currency) to start a clan. Right now, there isn't much for clans but hopefully updates will add more features.

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